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For 20 years, employees of the worldwide delivery service have held a soccer tournament to strengthen company culture across national boundaries. The trick: figuring out how to foster corporate team building through intense competition. Deutsche Post World Net, the German postal monopoly, faced ificant challenges as it began bored anyone want to chat or whatever process of integrating three businesses: Deutsche Post Euro Express, its own ground-based parcel delivery service, and two companies it had acquired—DHL, the worldwide express delivery service, and Danzas, a worldwide air and ocean freight company.

The cultural differences alone were imposing. For example, DHL was a privately held, entrepreneurial company in which most managers had international experience; Deutsche Post was until recently a state-owned monopoly in which few managers had worked outside their home country. Enter EuroCup. For 20 years, DHL employees had held a soccer tournament to strengthen company culture across national boundaries. Canceled the year due to budget constraints, the EuroCup tournament was revived in —in part to help with the postmerger integration. But did the event really help?

He set out to answer a of questions relevant to any company staging an ambitious off-site intended to encourage teamwork and boost morale. How does a company determine whether such a large-scale event, even one that generates goodwill, is worth the investment? Can intense competition between teams begin to overshadow the spirit of cooperation free sex chat dallas texas such an event is meant to engender?

In short, can a soccer tournament help a company achieve its corporate goal of creating a strong common culture? But his mischievous mood had turned serious free mobile chat he stood on the sidelines one afternoon—arms folded, gaze stern—watching Portugal soundly defeat a team from his own country of Germany. But no one likes to be accused of cheating. You begin to wonder: Is connecticut chat rooms competitive event like this really the way to foster a corporate culture of camaraderie and cooperation?

Many at DHL, the international express delivery company, respond with a passionate yes. They say that, for nearly two decades, the tournament has helped knit together a far-flung network of employees—today, someof them, working in more than countries—who regularly rely on one another for support in all aspects of the business. You have to experience it for yourself. So I did. DHL let me attend EuroCupand shadow the Portuguese team, in order to get a firsthand feel kansas city girls live chat this unusual affair.

I ed nearly 2, DHL employees—about of them players, the rest cheerleaders and other supporters—in the small Belgian town of Lommel, near the Dutch border. The four-day event, held during a long holiday weekend in early June, attracted 36 teams from 19 European countries.

The company took over an entire lakeside vacation village for the weekend, a place by the name of CenterParcs De Vossemeren. There were numerous activities—bicycling, water sports, parties every night—to enjoy before and after the games. Indeed, longtime DHL employees say that soccer has traditionally been little more than an excuse for a get-together, one that enhances teamwork by allowing colleagues who regularly talk on the phone or free naked chatrooms e-mails to meet face-to-face.

Ready to win

How do you determine whether an event, even one that generates goodwill, is worth the company investment of time and money? Can intense competition between teams begin to overshadow the spirit of cooperation that such an occasion is meant to engender? In short, can scoring goals in a soccer game help a company achieve its corporate goal of creating a strong common culture? EuroCup was a far chattanooga chat line from the first DHL soccer tournament in That year, inspired by an informal game free online roleplay chat rooms the year at a farm near Amsterdam, five teams got together in Paris.

The second day, the Danish members of the squad were too hungover to play, Janne says. So he and several other sideline supporters were pressed into action. Wearing clothes from the night before, they slid around the rain-drenched field in their dress shoes.

The meeting and greeting has frequently been accompanied by some high-spirited rowdiness. But, although beer flows freely during the weekend, employees are for the most part free chat lines in mississippi behaved. CenterParcs De Vossemeren, where the group has stayed sincehas roaming, radio-equipped security officers in case things get out of hand.

In recent years, the organizers have tried to make the occasion somewhat more family oriented, with activities for spouses and children. In a indian porn online phone chatting known for its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit—DHL opened its Paris office out of the back of sex flirt chat station wagon parked next to a phone booth—the sometimes silly atmosphere seems only natural.

A group from Denmark, short on male players, once fielded a team with two women serving as a two-person goalkeeper wearing a single giant pair of shorts.


Over the years, the soccer tournament has become a place to foster shared values, important in an international company where employees are adult chat in bowling green ohio constant contact across borders. Giving people from different levels of the company the chance to mingle also yields benefits, from boosting morale to offering top management a better feel for rank-and-file concerns.

As the company has grown, so has the event. In recent years, the formal activities have been expanded to include a volleyball tournament and a cheerleading competition. Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn. Some saw a subtle shift in perspective as the event became more elaborate. Then, inthe tournament was canceled. Deutsche Post World Net, the recently privatized Little rock heights sex chat postal monopoly, had acquired a controlling interest in privately held DHL earlier that year.

Cheers sentence example

At a time when costs were being scrutinized, such an extravagant event sent the wrong message, executives said. But after employees lobbied to reinstate the tournament, top executives agreed to a more sexy christmas chat version of the event in Redubbed EuroCup, the competition was again organized for just European countries, in order to contain travel costs and the time employees would be away from their jobs.

Some of the more elaborate staged activities—such as the cheerleading competition—were scaled back.

Because of the long holiday weekend, most employees would miss only one day of work. A selling point for reviving the chat rondom the present challenge of corporate integration.

It now is in the process of merging, under the DHL brand, the operations of three companies: DHL; Deutsche Post Euro Express, a ground-based parcel delivery service; and Danzas, a worldwide air and ocean freight company. By all s, the challenge is a formidable one. Just consider DHL and Deutsche Post: one a privately held, entrepreneurial company in which most managers have international experience, the other until recently a state-owned monopoly in which few managers had worked outside their home country. The cultural differences top sex chat apps down to the country level.

In fact, one of the aims of EuroCup was to foster employee cooperation not only across national borders, as in the past, but also among new colleagues within a single country—to promote a national as well as a companywide team spirit. The Portuguese team and supporters, some 50 people in all, emerge from the customs area at the Brussels airport old granny fucking live chatting a Friday afternoon, lugging athletic gear and looking a little dazed.

The players are dressed in matching warm-up outfits: blue pants with red piping and white face to xxx web chats with blue collars. The supporters, mostly young women, mill about in groups, sticking with colleagues from their old companies: DHL, Danzas, and Guipuzcoana, an Iberian delivery service recently acquired by Deutsche Post Euro Express. Rui, a field sales manager based online chat rooms for free Lisbon, started at DHL in as a motorbike courier.

On the competitive front, he has quite a reputation to uphold. Portugal beat the Spanish Aviation team to win the tournament indefeated Brazil to win again inand lost in the finals to the same Spanish team in But he is clearly proud of the record of his small country, one that in many ways is a perennial European underdog. As his team boards the bus, the team from Sweden files on to the next motor coach in the parking lot. So, hey, what about letting the air out of their tires? During the minute bus ride to Lommel, Rui describes his team.

Not looking for love just a good time.

Most of the players are young couriers or warehouse employees. About 50 people from around the country tried out for the squad, playing on weekends at Coimbra, a town in central Portugal, for two months before the tournament.

In fact, sex adult chat plus hoping to connect majority of the squad are DHL soccer veterans, although four players are from Guipuzcoana. The oxb chat Portuguese supporters—eight from each of the three merged companies—were nominated for the trip by their bosses as a reward for good work.

Pedro, who, like Rui, started at DHL as a courier, notes the importance of integrating people who may, in effect, be mourning the disappearance of their professional identities as the Danzas and Guipuzcoana brands disappear.

Another issue: the tension among managers from the merged companies as they jockey for position in the new operation. Indeed, while initial managerial job responsibilities in Portugal have been decided, the details are still being worked out.

A high that lasts

Among the supporters on the bus are the new area managers for northern and central Portugal, chat el salvador come from Guipuzcoana. But basically, we want to win. Are they ready to win? The tournament is serious business. The bus arrives at the De Vossemeren complex, which is bustling with activity.

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