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I am 24 and my boyfriend is He erotic free chat rooms up with his friend, who is My boyfriend had been going on about having a threesome for ages. We had a lot to drink during a games night at ours with the four of us.


So last night I had a threesome sex with my boyfriend and his best friend. This friend, let's call him Dave, is his closest friend since they were 15 or texas chat room, so they're pretty tight.

Dave has always slightly flirtatious with me, not to the point that it causes annoyance or worry, but always a little free nasty phone chat than he normally should. I talked to my boyfriend about it and he was always saying it's his charming style and that "he's like that even with his grandma".

I never thought much of it either. Well, last night things changed. My boyfriend had a few sex chat free i chelles over and Dave was there too. After they all left, Dave stayed to help us with a little clean up and to chat a little more, we had a few more drinks, Dave was a little flirtatious with me too, a little more than usual.

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A few more drinks in, my boyfriend was all over me and Dave local free chat line number watching or pretending not to watch. I remember asking him if he's enjoying the view which he said he'd rather have a closer look. One thing led to another, I was having full blown sex with both of them in the bedroom.

I woke up an hour ago naked on the bed between both of them. I was in a form of "freak-out" mode about what happened, I had mom sex chat quick shower and came to work quickly as I didn't want to confront them both when they woke up, that would indeed have been very awkward.

I think they're sda chat asleep. I'll go back home in the afternoon when I'm sure Dave is no longer there.

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I really have no idea why I did it. I think it's fair to say that I was always slightly attracted to Dave but never to the point that I would do something like this, or perhaps I was deceiving myself. I don't know.

I feel bad online chat with friends free what I did. The thought of having sex with someone else pisses me off but last night I did that, even though it wasn't cheating I feel like I violated myself. I'm very confused. Please read our commenting guidelines before responding. Read now. You are commenting as a guest.

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Now coming back to this problem, the only advice that I can meow chat app is that try to be a bit more responsible for your actions. Worrying about the past will do you no good. If you had refrained yourself from drinking too much this wouldn't have happened.

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So you are kinda responsible for what has happened to you. So there is no use crying over it now. If you really are ashamed of it then make sure such things don't happen in the future. I know it's none of my business but I don't think the man you are dating is right for you.

The guy who takes advantage of his international chat app when she's drunk is no less pervert than a rapist. On top of that he let his friend have sex with you too. I know he was drunk but it was also his responsibility to take care of his girlfriend.

A true gentleman is someone who makes sure that he is sober at all times in front of his girl taboo chatrooms that he can protect her, take good care of her. If you are cool dating such a guy then good luck but if you ask me I think there is a uncensored chat roulette possibility that he would try to do foursome or even more with you and probably might gang rape you and blame his drinking problem for that, you never know.

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I hope I am wrong but just be careful if you are dating such a guy. Before I say this I am not racist, we are all equal and children of God. I understand fully why Black Lives Matter is protesting, and standing up for their I feel like I am trapped in a glass box I'm banging against impenetrable walls And the world around me has gone up in flames and I can't do a damn thing free naughty sex chat muluhuang Talk to a counselor online, anytime.

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Lily and I are colleague and best friends.


Whatever your reason is for deciding to try and have a threesome , let us be the first to congratulate you on adding this potentially hot experience to your sexual repertoire.


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