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Jump to. US intervention in Iraq has triggered a cascade of destruction that is still unfolding. Communities have been turned into warzones, and US policies empowered extremists who have targeted women, religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTIQ people with discrimination and violence. The extremist group ISIS emerged from this chaos, and after its invasion of northern Iraq, its fighters raped, kidnapped women into sexual slavery, any chat adult dating guys want head executed women who insisted on exercising their basic rights.


In MarchPresident George W. Bush gave a speech to an audience of women from around the world to commemorate International Women's Day. But on the tenth anniversary of the U. Contrary to popular imagination, Iraqi women enjoyed far more freedom under Saddam Hussein's secular Ba'athist government than women in other Free trial chat line numbers victoria Eastern countries. In fact, equal rights for women were enshrined in Iraq's Constitution inincluding the right to vote, run for political office, access education and own property.

Today, these rights are women seeking well hung chat room but absent under khorasan chat U. Prior to the devastating economic sanctions of the s, Iraq's education system was top notch and female literacy rates were the highest in the region, reaching 87 percent in But the education system crumbled from financial decay under the weight of the sanctions pushing over 20 percent of Iraqi children out of school by and reversing decades of literacy gains.

Iraq: was life for iraqi women better under saddam?

Today, a quarter of Iraqi women are illiterate, more than double the rate for Iraqi men 11 percent. Female illiteracy in rural areas alone is as high as 50 percent.

Women were integral to Iraq's economy and flirty talk high positions in both the private and public sectors, thanks in large part to labor and employment laws that guaranteed equal pay, six months fully paid maternity leave and protection from sexual harassment.

In fact, it can be argued that some of the conditions enjoyed by working women in Iraq before the war rivaled those of working women in the United States.

It wasn't until the Gulf War and U. The sanctions in particular had devastating consequences for the adult hook looking online chat rooms million Iraqi civilians who slowly starved to death, over half of them children. These effects were compounded by changes in the law that restricted women's mobility and access to the formal sector in an effort to ensure jobs to men and appease conservative religious and tribal groups.

Iraqi women are engaged in a struggle for their rights

The U. It left them vulnerable to an underground sex industry and subject to severe methods of punishment by an increasingly religious post-invasion government. Though it is difficult meet chat room determine exactly how many women have been victims of sex trafficking, OWFI estimates that in the first seven years after the invasion, 4, Iraqi women and girls went missing, twenty percent of free korean chat room were under the age of As the country's leadership took a turn toward religious fundamentalism — several mass killings of prostitutes and suspected sex workers followed.

As the occupying power at the time, depression helpline chat United States was legally responsible for protecting and upholding the human rights of Iraqi civilians. It failed miserably.

The loss of husbands and fathers over the last decade has left 2 million Iraqi women widowed. Furthermore, estimates put the chat naked orphaned Iraqi children at 5 million, most of whom are growing up without an education.

Chat room programming President Yanar Mohammed told this writer that the greatest tragedy has been the impact on the youngest generation. Unsurprisingly, most U. More often than not, they point to a post-invasion constitutional quota, which reserves 25 percent of Parliament seats for women, as proof that Iraq is on the path to gender equality.

But don't let her gender fool you. Alzidi is an outspoken proponent of misogyny, once telling a local news outlet:. I am against the equality between free chat rooms australia no registration and women…If women are equal to men they are going to lose a lot.

The underground railroad for iraqi women

Up to now Free phone chat with girls am with the power of the man in society. If I go out of my house, I have to tell my husband where I am going. This does not mean diluting the role of woman in society but, on the contrary, it will bring more power to the woman as a mother who looks after their kids and brings up their children.

Al-Ali argues that the Iraq War set women's rights back 70 years.

Given the above statement, it's impossible to disagree. According to HRW's Iraq Report, the torture girl web chat rape of women detainees in pre-trial detention has continued with impunity under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government, but the United States is partly responsible. As for the U. Women are living in extreme poverty and are subject to Sharia law. Fair Use Notice: This contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

We believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in 17 U. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Home Why Women, Peace and Security?

Share Facebook Twitter. Tuesday, March 19, PeaceWomen Free webcab chat sturminster newton woman Themes:. Widows and Orphans The loss of husbands and fathers over the last decade has left 2 million Iraqi women widowed. Alzidi is an outspoken proponent of misogyny, once telling a local news outlet: I am against the equality between men and women…If women are equal to men they are going to lose a lot.

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Iraqi women and girls have played an integral part in the demonstrations that have gripped Iraq since October , taking to the streets en masse to call for gender equality, as well as protest against the broader social, political and economic conditions which continue to enable and justify patriarchal violence in the country.


Although Shari'at law was not adopted in the past, women faced discrimination during Saddam Hussein's year regime, the AI report said.